Clara, my Clara.

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wow can i just say this picture gives me life


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D9 - Taemin birthday countdown ✧ 9/10  The light on his eyes…

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Wicked is your favourite musical? You’re not a true musical fan! I bet you haven’t even seen any other mu-“


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credit: Kdash AKA 疾速k

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Captain Von Done

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Willemijn’s last curtain call (7.19.14)

Willemijn’s last curtain call (7.19.14)

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Every ring is a mood ring when you feel nothing.”— Lorde

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Happy Trails, Willemijn!
Elphaba Thropp (November 1, 2007 - July 19, 2014)
Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Scheveningen, Broadway and West End

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